Uttarakhand planning to set up cave tourism circuit in Gangolihat, Pithoragarh

Uttarakhand planning to set up cave tourism circuit in Gangolihat, Pithoragarh

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Published on : Saturday, October 30, 2021

Uttarakhand cave tourism

Inspired by Slovenia’s awesome cave tourism circuit, Uttarakhand is planning to set up its own cave tourism circuit in Gangolihat, Pithoragarh. These caves were discovered as recently as in September, and it is a set of nine underground caves that could prove to be amazing tourist attractions!

The caves were surveyed by scientists from the Uttarakhand Space Application Centre (USAC), and are expected to be thousands of years old. The caves are located in Sailiswar, Gupta Ganga, Vrihad Tung, Mukteshwar, Daneswar and Mailchaura areas. More details would be known after the area’s geotagging is done next month.

It is known that the caves are multi-layered, and are up to 50 m tall containing multiple blocks in them. TOI, USAC Director, MPS Bisht said in a statement, “These are natural heritage sites, which we are going to protect and eventually they will be opened for tourists. The central government has already given a nod. Slovenia earns almost 30 per cent revenue through cave tourism. We, too, can generate good tourism income this way.”

The caves look prospective as far as tourism is concerned, as they have been tagged as part of the karst landscape. This kind of landscape is diverse, creating sinking streams, springs, sinkholes, caves and other features. It is said to be a rare ecosystem supportingecological diversity both below and above the ground.

This new cave tourism circuit could let Uttarakhand add another feather in its cap, and present a world of new adventures for the tourists!

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