UKinbound asks Govt. for financial support again for the sector

UKinbound asks Govt. for financial support again for the sector

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Published on : Tuesday, December 14, 2021


UKinbound and 67 business leaders from the tourism industry write to the prime minister, Boris Johnson, for emergency financial support in light of the Omicron travel restrictions. It has been showcased by attractions, destinations, hotels, transport providers, and tour operators from across the country, the letter emphasizes that inbound tourism has been in peril for 22 months and the latest restrictions come at reasonable cost to businesses that are on the edge of recovery.

It highlights that pre-omicron businesses were in the struggle, the communication outlines that the re-introduction of pre-departure testing, day two PCR test, and the need to isolate pre-results, causes mass cancellations. New restrictions implemented to support tourism businesses, are to provide emergency grant support for businesses in the inbound tourism industry, including accommodation providers, attractions, destinations, destination management companies, transport operators, tour operators, and service providers.

Allocating the £1.5 billion Business Rates Relief Fund to businesses most impacted by Covid-19.  Allocate the remaining Additional Restrictions Grant funding to businesses facing direct challenges as a result of Covid-19.  Joss Croft, chief executive UKinbound, said that every UK business that works in inbound tourism has been affected by the Omicron travel restrictions.

These new constraints directly restrict businesses’ ability to trade and with Government support all but ceased, the industry is in a precarious position. Emergency funding is needed that would allow businesses to weather the direct effects of Omicron.  Hence,  asks the government to work with the industry, prior to the next restrictions review date of December 21st to develop a suitable fund.

Last week, UKinbound released new survey results after over 100-member businesses provided feedback regarding the impact of the new UK  border restrictions imposed due to the Omicron variant. Some 86 percent confirmed they have received cancellations or are expecting to receive further cancellations in the run-up to Christmas.

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