Tourism will Celebrate with the end of Border Testing Requirement

Tourism will Celebrate with the end of Border Testing Requirement

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Published on : Friday, April 1, 2022

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On Friday i.e. today, when the testing requirement for crossing the border comes to an end, Windsor-Essex tourism operators will have fun for the success.

Fully vaccinated Americans as of April 1st can cross the border without any trouble. The hope is they will return in full swing for the first tourism season since the COVID-19 hit everyone.

Gordon Orr, as the CEO of Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island, has experienced the struggles across the sector and hope things don’t change for worse. “What this does is it helps signal the fact that our path to reopening is one step closer to the recovery phase,” he said.

A full recovery may still be a few years off. Orr does not wait for tourists from the U.S. to hit the levels that it’s existed during pre-pandemic times until 2024. Tourism was one of the main industries to undergo COVID-19 impact. Orr said it hit the hardest and will take the time to get better.

“We really have had zero American visitors at any stretch throughout the last two years,” Orr noted. “It makes it very, very difficult to help sustain the hospitality and tourism industry.”

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