Tourism of South Africa isn’t ready to comply with Ramaphosa’s new restrictions

Tourism of South Africa isn’t ready to comply with Ramaphosa’s new restrictions

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Published on : Thursday, December 17, 2020

South African Tourism

President Cyril Ramaphosa while addressing the nation on Monday shared new rules because of the rise of infection cases all through the country.

As he did not talk about complete travel closed down, he did make some changes to the level 1 restriction being inflicted in the current scenario.
Since, the travel and tourism sector has reacted to his new restrictions.

Otto de Vries, the chief executive of the Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA) explained that the organization has once again mentioned about its commitment to industry’s compliance with strict health and hygiene rules.

“We need now the full compliance of the health and hygiene protocols that have been put in place by the sector, no compromise.”

“It’s up to us to ensure we don’t go back to where we were before and that means proper implementation of the comprehensive protocols that have been devised specifically for our sector and managing the compliance of our customers, guests and travellers. It really is that simple. It’s in our hands,” he said.

Flight Centre Travel Group South Africa managing director, Andrew Stark explained that the government had adopted a balanced approach to keep the financial condition moving and permitting people to travel at the same time focusing on saving lives.

“If we think back to where we’ve been before, until now the government has used the blunt instrument of a hard and severe lockdown. As South Africans, we’ve been through tougher times. We currently remain in level 1, and we still have the flexibility to travel and get outside and move. We just have limited choice as as to what we can do in most destinations: be it the curfew, be it alcohol sales, be it restaurants, be it beach accessibility.”

“We need to remember that we’ve all got a responsibility to act responsibly and stay in our immediate bubbles. It is a time to celebrate, but if we don’t pull together South Africans, it could be a disastrous Christmas and a disastrous start to 2021. I think all South Africans want a better start to 2021 compared to the late start we experienced in 2020 in February this year,” he said

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