This week, tourism package of support to be declared

This week, tourism package of support to be declared

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Published on : Monday, March 8, 2021

Mr. Frydenberg visited Cairns

For the tourism sector, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has recently said that a new package of support will be declared within couple of days.

On Monday, Mr. Frydenberg visited Cairns to ascertain the general condition of the business operators in regard to their successes and challenges during the pandemic.

The visit came as the Tourism and Transport Forum published heat map research showing due to the pandemic, 34 per cent of the tourism hotspots of the country had went through a 40 per cent drop in visitors in the year ended September,.

The research study by Stafford Strategy found drop in visitor numbers in the rest of Australia remained between 10 per cent to 40 per cen.

For tourism businesses and industry, the treasurer explained that the government had already committed $251 billion in support, with a further $100 billion still to be rolled out.

However, in aviation and tourism, he did saw few specific challenges which needed a government response.

“We’re still finalising those details but it’s a matter of days,” Mr Frydenberg said. “What I’ve heard from some businesses that I’ve met is that some are doing well and others are finding it a bit more challenging … so it’s about targeting that support but also providing opportunities for those who are doing OK to even take on more workers.”

TTF chief executive Margy Osmond stated that she was quite sure that the concerns and support options for the sector were being heard properly.
The sector has before argued for JobKeeper to be extended for the tourism and aviation markets.

But Mr Frydenberg said: “There should be no expectation of another economy-wide wage subsidy.”

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