Thailand to allow vaccinated tourists from more than 40 countries

Thailand to allow vaccinated tourists from more than 40 countries

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Published on : Saturday, October 23, 2021

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46 countries and territories is a major jump from the 10 initial list mentioned last week by Thailand Prime MinisterPrayut, while unveiling plans to reopen the country next month.

The expanding list is due to Thailand’s urgent need “to stimulate the tourism sector and other related business sectors,” said PM Prayut.

He said in his Facebook page, “We need to move faster than that and do it now. This is because waiting for everything to be perfect will be too late.”

Beside the United States, Britain and China, vaccinated tourists from a list of European countries including France and Germany will be allowed to visit, if they can produce a negative Covid RT-PCR test report.

Neighbors Cambodia and Malaysia are also on the “low-risk” list, along with Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Upon landing in Thailand, travelers will have to take another Covid test and book a single night in a government-approved hotel, waiting for the results, before being allowed to travel freely.

“We know that this is a rapid acceleration and there is a risk that the number of infected people will increase, but it’s a risk that we have to accept,”the PM said.

Before the pandemic, Thailand attracted almost 40 million visitors, with tourism making up almost 20 percent of its national income.

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