South Africa bans travel to be scrapped

South Africa bans travel to be scrapped

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Published on : Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Travel ban on South Africa

Lindiwe Sisulu (South Africa minister of tourism) confirmed the country remains open to tourism despite the invention of a new Covid-19 variant. The U.K. authorities banned flights temporarily and reintroduced quarantine for arrivals from a number of destinations in southern Africa in reply to the invention.

To impose stricter measures against South African travelers Japan, Israel and the European Union have also moved. The response was branded as “disappointing”. Cyril Ramaphosa (South Africa President) said earlier they condemned travel bans enacted against his country and its neighbors over the new coronavirus variant Omicron.

Kgomotso Ramothea (acting hub head at South African Tourism for the U.K. and Ireland said that the news of South Africa being put back on the U.K. red list is devastating for the tourism industry which just begins to get back on its feet.

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