Regenerative tourism becomes important post pandemic

Regenerative tourism becomes important post pandemic

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Published on : Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Regenerative tourism

As the pandemic continues destroying the world travel industry, the tourism industry has been compelled to reconsider several characteristics of its operations, many finding out ways to re-frame the total tourism experience, post-pandemic. The concept of values-based “regenerative tourism” looks for ways to go beyond the eco-tourism of years past, presses travelers to leave destinations better than they found them.

“It’s about people matching their values to their travel,” Bruce Poon Tip, founder of Toronto-based adventure travel company “G Adventures,” told CTV’s Your Morning Tuesday.

“It’s about travellers being involved in making life better for local people and communities, environment and culture because of their visit – and while they visit. It’s a more purposeful type of travel,” Poon Tip explained.
Twenty-two travel groups, including “G Adventures” have signed on to the “Future of Tourism” coalition’s 13 guiding principles, like “demand fair income distribution,” and “contain tourism’s land use.”

The national tourism organization of New Zealand has adopted measures in the discussion regard to measuring tourism success not only in monetary terms, but also by means of cultural and natural value.

In support of that goal, the Tourism New Zealand website lets travellers know of the “Tiaki Promise” which is a set of guiding principles for visitors to adhere to and help them “safely and conscientiously” travel in the country.

The travel company “Regenerative Travel” in the USA, promises to help tourists book a “vacation that meets your values,” assessing destinations, carriers and accommodations on things like respecting the ecosystem of the local area, avoiding single-use plastics and “honouring” local history and culture.

“I think it’s the natural evolution of travel,” Poon Tip said. “The travel industry has been going through an evolution for the last 20 years, from eco-tourism to responsible travel to sustainable travel. Now with this pandemic on the other side of it… where travel is needed for so many communities because it’s such a big part of the gross national product of many countries, people are looking for ways that they can help when they travel.”

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