New economic approach for tourism recovery in Bali

New economic approach for tourism recovery in Bali

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Published on : Thursday, March 17, 2022

tourism recovery in Bali

The Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno restated his ministry’s pledge towardencouraging tourism recovery in Bali by promoting a new economic approach after the pandemic.

The new economic approach will involve the progress of digital technology, focusing on preventive health along with cleanliness and sustainability aspects.

“When I visit Bali, I always use a hybrid (Toyota) Prius, but unfortunately, every time I visit Jembrana or a tourism village, the car gets stuck on the speed bump. Currently, I have asked the producer to provide the electric (Toyota) Innova car that they will launch at the year-end,” said Uno.

Since March 7, 2022, the Indonesian government is conducting a zero-quarantine trial for foreign tourists coming to Bali Island, and this program is exhibiting a positive result, as the province has seen no COVID-19 increase since the start of the trial.

“Because we experience no COVID-19 cases surge, we will implement the policy nationwide,” Uno said.

To boost tourism and economic recovery, the Indonesian authority has also reestablished the visa-on-arrival scheme for foreign tourists from 23 countries coming to Bali. Uno said that the scheme would be made available for tourists from more countries, like China and India.

The ministry said that around 5 thousand overseas travelers visited Bali between February 3 and March 12, 2022. Of them, 76 percent were foreign tourists.The minister said that he is hopeful that tourism in Bali will recover this year, with more international airlines like Emirates and airlines from Australia are reopening their flights to Bali. Singapore Airlines has also confirmed to allot more flights to Bali.

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