MTDC gives special emphasis on responsible tourism

MTDC gives special emphasis on responsible tourism

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Published on : Saturday, January 22, 2022


From Ashtavinayak to Pandharpur, Akkalkote, many religious places, fortified natural resources, forts, overflowing waterfalls, rivers, beaches, serpentine ghats, traditional culture, food culture can be seen in Maharashtra.

Today, all over the world and in India, we get to witness a remarkable concept, whichis Responsible Tourism!

Responsible tourism is a simple and admirable measure to increase the positive effects of tourism along with curbing the negative effects, which is accepted in many places around the world today.

The basic objective of responsible tourism is to create awareness among everyone to accept responsible tourism. In today’s competitive world, tourism is booming. Unfortunately, tourism is still being seen as building a couple of well-equipped rooms in an empty space, providing food and drink to the tourists, which is the end of responsibility.

It is our primary duty to preserve, take care of, and not harm the mother earth where we reside, from which a responsible citizen is born. The concept of responsible tourism has become a necessity in our times.

MTDC said that the concept of responsible tourism can be implemented in all the tourist residences, restaurants, boat clubs along with tourist centers.

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