Israel wants visitors to be differentiated as per vaccine type

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Israel plansl tourists

Israel Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov said that he wants Israel’s future reopening to tourists needs to draw a distinction between visitors as per the vaccine they have received for COVID-19.

Razvozov said that tourists will be divided into those with “vaccines known to Israel,” like Pfizer and Moderna, and those from countries who offer other corona virus vaccines, like China and Russia.

Tourists vaccinated with a “known” vaccine will be allowed to enter with just a negative PCR test, while others will require a blood test to find out antibodies, said the Tourism Minister.

A special rapid blood test facility will be set up at Ben Gurion Airport and results can be obtained within 15 minutes.
In recent times, Israel has been allowing some tour groups into the country, but tourists traveling independently are not allowed yet. Initially, it had initially planned to reopen for the latter in May, but the Health Ministry recommendations have now pushed the plans to July, then August, and now, that date is expected to be moved back until September. The delays came due to a resurgence of the virus of the Delta variant.

On Friday, the Israel Health Ministry announced that all Israeli travelers, including those vaccinated and those having recovered from COVID-19, would be required to self-isolate for up to 24 hours upon arrival to Israel or until their corona virus test proves negative.

The Health Ministry updated the list of countries with high rates of infection that are off-limits for Israelis. They are Uzbekistan, Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, South Africa, India, Mexico and Russia.

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