International tourism not cleared for a lift-off

International tourism not cleared for a lift-off

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Published on : Friday, August 6, 2021

International tourism

While even the night club goers can get back to throwing some maskless shapes and ‘vertical drinkers’ will be allowed, from Monday, to prop up bars until they become horizontal, at least two parts of the economy are still suffering: city centres, deprived of office workers and their number along with international travel.

All over rural Britain, staycations are booming up. The most attractive places have got crowded. On Sunday, my experience of Lochaber was not being able to find a parking space in most lay-bys.

However, city centre hotels had low rate in terms of occupancy and booking, and the Scottish Tourism Alliance is pushing ministers to support them further.

Dearth of business travel and international tourism is part of their problem. Inbound and outbound, it looks likely to be the sector most likely to undergo a financial loss for Covid, and that’s partly because vaccine nationalism has left large parts of the world lagging far behind with even a first jab.

“We’re the only industry still effectively in lockdown,” says pilots’ union Balpa.

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