In Sendang Village, minister offers help to improve tourism

In Sendang Village, minister offers help to improve tourism

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Published on : Tuesday, March 15, 2022

tourism activities in Sendang

To help the tourism activities in Sendang Tourism Village, Pacitan District, East Java Province, the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has provided sports equipment assistance.

“I tried to play beach volleyball earlier, however it turned out that the ball and the net were damaged. Hence, I called the tourism village team to provide new equipment,” Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno said in an official statement quoted on Sunday.

The famous tourism attractions in the village are Klayar Beach and Ngiroboyo Beach, as per the statement. Besides, at the estuary of the Ngiroboyo River, visitors can take part in river tourism.

The village was named ‘Sendang’, because of the large amount of water surrounding it which is taken from a name of a spring. From the downtown of Pacitan District, the village is located 29 kilometers.

Ngiroboyo beach was originally the only place for herding cows and collecting the grass as the right of enter to the location was limited as there was only a footpath. Therefore, in 2007, the community made the infrastructure much better, so that the roads could be used by vehicles. Many events, like rowing competitions, were also organized to draw visitors. Slowly, the place turned into a tourism destination.

In addition, parking lots, stalls, gazebos, outbound park, and selfie spots were also set up to make the visitors feel at ease. Various beach games were also provided.

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