Egypt & Italy talk about ways to promote tourism cooperation

Egypt & Italy talk about ways to promote tourism cooperation

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Published on : Monday, April 11, 2022

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Khaled El-Anany, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Egypt, met with Michele Quaroni, the Ambassador of Italy to Cairo and Piere Zhya Astoi, the Head of the Italian Tourism Companies Association, to talk about the ways to improve collaboration between the two countries in tourism and drive greater number of tourists to Egypt from Italy.

This is within the framework of the policy of the tourism ministry and its eagerness to carry on long-term synchronization with the main markets exporting tourism to Egypt worldwide.

Amr Al-Kady, the CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board (ETPB); Maged Abu Sedira, the Head of the Central Department for International Tourism at the ETPB; Dalia Abdel Fattah, the General Supervisor of the General Department of International Relations and Agreements at the Tourism and Antiquities Ministry; and Ghada Adel, the Director-General of the Minister’s Technical Office took part in the meeting.

The meeting saw a review of the significance of the Italian market as one of the prime markets exporting tourism to Egypt, as it has occupied a major position in the list for many years of the ten main exporting markets for tourism to Egypt.

Also, to Egypt, it managed reviewing the developments of the incoming tourism movement from the Italian market, showing an anticipated rise of Italian tourists in the coming days, particularly in light of the participation of the ministry in the Milan International Tourism Fair (BIT), which will take place in Milan this Sunday on 10th April.

In the Italian market, the Milan International Tourism Fair is considered as one of the most important professional fairs.

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