Disneyland Paris removes the COVID-19 restrictions at the park

Disneyland Paris removes the COVID-19 restrictions at the park

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Published on : Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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After two years of social distancing, the guests can finally hug their favourite characters again at the Disneyland Paris. As the COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed, the guests can once again able to hug, high five and pose with beloved characters, at the theme park in Paris.

The characters are back to signing autographs, as well as hugging the children. This will surely be a delightful and exiting affair for the children, who can now fill the book with souvenir signatures from their favourite characters.

A spokesperson for Disneyland Paris has said that in accordance with the recent government guidelines, the park is very glad to announce that character experiences at Disneyland Paris will resume again. It will allow the guests to be closer to their favourite characters for a special moment, and hug or a photo together to enhance their Disney experience.

Face masks have been scrapped in the theme park as the hugs and close contact returns. This gives the guests one less thing to worry about when they visit. These changes are also coinciding with the 30th birthday celebrations of the theme park that kicks off this weekend.

A new daytime show is also taking place everyday in front of the newly refurbished Sleeping Beauty Castle which features more than 30 Disney characters and dancers on colourful floats.

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