Destination Canada & Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada sign MoU

Destination Canada & Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada sign MoU

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Published on : Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Destination Canada

Destination Canada (DC) and the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) have decided to renovate as well as make their partnership even bigger by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This represents an important association between the two organizations to help in the revival of the Indigenous tourism industry in Canada.

To quote Honourable Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance, “The Indigenous tourism experiences available here for Canadian and international travellers are unique in the world. It is through respect and partnership that we will ensure that Indigenous tourism not only recovers from the pandemic, but meets its impressive growth potential. The Government of Canada is proud to support Indigenous tourism businesses as we continue on the road to reconciliation, whether through financial assistance, technology or promotion in Canada and abroad. The quality and diversity of Indigenous tourism experiences promise unforgettable memories and opportunities for learning that set Canada apart and attract visitors from around the world. The Canadian economy will not fully recover until our tourism sector recovers.”

Indigenous tourism before 2020 contributed almost $1.9 billion in revenue to the gross domestic product of Canada and employed 40,000 people. The COVID-19 created major revenue loss and doubt for the sector – with Indigenous businesses being impacted the hardest way. Destination Canada’s promised of $3.2M will support the recovery and growth of the Indigenous tourism sector.

Highlights of the MOU include:
• At least $1M in-kind support for promotion in the USA and other foreign markets
• $1.6M for Indigenous-led content creation by ITAC;
• $400K for distribution of content domestically;
• $150K to improve the Indigenous participation at Rendez-vous Canada (RVC);
• And $50K for the National Indigenous Tourism Conference (NITC).

To quote Marsha Walden, CEO of Destination Canada, “The pandemic triggered devastating losses and consequences for Indigenous tourism businesses across Canada. It has also set in motion other shifts and trends that present an opportunity. We know that the demand for truly authentic Indigenous experiences is rapidly growing for both domestic and international travellers. Our work with ITAC will help strengthen the Indigenous tourism industry so that they can capture the recovery opportunity that lies ahead. We are enthused by the continued partnership and collaboration with ITAC, whose work is critical in supporting Indigenous tourism businesses across the country.”

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