CTO introduces Caribbean Community Tourism Network

CTO introduces Caribbean Community Tourism Network

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Published on : Monday, August 2, 2021

Caribbean Community Tourism Network

Among the member countries of CTO, CCTN would promote the exchange of best methods and the partners interested in the development of tourism will help to recognize capacity-building requirements as well as challenges, and opportunities for CBT development.

To quote the sustainable tourism specialist of CTO – Amanda Charles, cited, “Tourism which is community-based offers an opportunity to bridge the social and economic gap of local communities, allows community members a path to sustainable livelihoods, and is a channel for the active participation & empowerment of local people in the tourism.”

The Tourism Specialist also observed that this network would offer an opportunity for CTO members to exchange knowledge, resources as well and the ideal steps to boost the community tourism experiences and its impact on economy.

CCTN network would promote & support regional development strategies in CBT by accommodating input into and recommending activities and actions to improve the clarity and value of CBT as a regional tourism product.

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