50 flood warnings issued after Storm Barra leaves destruction with rain and snow

50 flood warnings issued after Storm Barra leaves destruction with rain and snow

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Published on : Thursday, December 9, 2021


50 flood warnings issued after Storm Barra leaves trail of destruction with rain, snow & 65mph gales. Barra went out with a bang today, leaving a trail of destruction behind after the nation was battered by 65mph gales.

Some 50 flood warnings were issued as two inches of rain fell amid its final assault. Among the locations affected by the flood warnings are New Brighton to Hoylake, Lower River Medway North, Medway North Sea Coast at Bridlington and River Trent in Derbyshire.

The workers battled against gales, freezing temperatures and relentless downpours, even hailstones, as they inspected the damage.

Debris littered the promenade in Aberystwyth as 35ft waves continued to batter the coastline. There was also devastation in other parts of Wales, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and in Ireland.

Barra — the second storm to strike in little over a week after Arwen’s 100mph gusts wreaked havoc — downed power lines and uprooted trees.

Cars were wrecked, scaffolding toppled and roofs damaged. Two women in pyjamas were almost lifted into the air as they struggled, in comic fashion, to keep hold of a garden trampoline in Co Cork.

The Met Office’s Becky Mitchell said: “Barra had quite a sting in the tail. The windiest spots were across Wales and the South West.“We saw gusts close to 60mph while it was also wet and miserable. There will be more rain to come but nothing like we’ve seen in the past few days.”

Boris Johnson said lessons must be learnt after the storms left 150,000 homes without heating and electricity for days.

Up to 1,000 homes in the North are still without power tonight.

Northern Powergrid said: “We’re sorry we couldn’t get it done quicker. This experience has taught us there are areas we need to improve.”

The weather will become milder towards the weekend.

Met Office Spokesman Graham Madge told The Sun Online rain fall is expected around most of the country for at least the next few days.

Temperatures will be mild for the time of year on Wednesday, with London predicted to see 7C, 8C in Cardiff, 4C for Edinburgh and 6C in Belfast.

Dozens of flood warnings have been issued across the UK in the past few days with at least 10 still in place.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has three flood warnings and five alerts in place for areas in the north-east of Scotland and the south-west.

Natural Resources Wales has also issued two flood warnings and nine alerts, mainly covering coastal areas.

The Met Office said a few icy stretches in the north on Wednesday morning with scattered showers and hail in places.

Forecasters say Storm Barra is not expected to cause as much chaos as Storm Arwen – though it has already sparked travel delays and school closures in Scotland.

Disruption to the travel network is likely, with snow and heavy rain in some areas until Wednesday.

ScotRail has already warned that some Wednesday services will be cancelled due to the storm.

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